What’s Your Excuse? Book a Boudoir Session!

What’s YOUR Excuse?! 

Many times I hear excuse after excuse as to why they could never or would never do a session.
Here are some excuses that I hear and my response to them…

EXCUSE #1   I’m camera shy

You are not alone! Many women say they hate the camera,  or may feel that the camera hates them.  Just like most women who come in, they aren’t models, they are real women.  Hiring a professional with knowledge in great posing is essential. I help guide you through your session direction on how to stand and pose. 

EXCUSE #2   I just want to lose 10 more pounds

This may be the biggest excuse I hear!!
Sure, you may be working towards a weight goal and that’s wonderful.  However, you could say you want to lose that last 10lbs and then 2 years goes by.  I take into consideration every woman’s concerns and with outfits/lingerie that flatter your body shape will maximize your results.
My aim is to get fabulous images that compliment you in every way.  All final images that are delivered to you are fully edited.  What woman doesn’t appreciate a little smooth over.

EXCUSE #3   I don’t own anything sexy

I do recommend you treat yourself to at least one sexy lingerie outfit but there are many items already in your wardrobe that you can incorporate into your session.

  • Black bra and black panties (simple a won’t go out of style)
  • Cardigan or over-sized sweater/t-shirt (either with simple black bra underneath or no bra at all)
  • Sheer shirt/tank top
  • Crop top (matched with a cute pair of panties)
  • Your favourite pair of blue jeans
  • A button up shirt (bra and pantie set underneath)
  • White sheet

EXCUSE #4   I don’t know how to be sexy

Great!  It makes the reaction to the images I reveal to you that much more rewarding!  Be prepared to be mind blown!   We will laugh, joke, and just have a great time throughout your session. The candid moments can turn out to be some of the best shots!

EXCUSE #5   I don’t have a spouse/partner

Then just do it for YOU! 
Every woman should experience a boudoir session at least once in their life.  You deserve to feel beautiful, confident, and sexy! Even though you may come into a session with the intent that it’s a gift for that significant other, at the end of the day you are going to feel beautiful and totally empowered with realization that it was also a gift for you after all! 

A boudoir session can be a life changing experience.  Let me show you how beautiful you really are!!

No. More. Excuses.
Book Now!! 

Whats Your Excuse? Book a Boudoir Session!

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