Thank you for your booking!

Please ensure the home is photo ready prior to my arrival.

I recommend you arrive a bit earlier and going through the home room by room making sure everything looks to your liking. If clients aren't going to be fully ready please reschedule to allow for extra time to prepare. During busy periods I can multiple listings per day and if the clients are behind then it puts me behind.

It's also best to ask clients to leave their home for a few hours and take pets or have them locked away to give us a non-occupied space to work with to avoid getting in the way of the photos or the Matterport while scanning.

Of course, I don't mind helping but my time is best spent getting your images edited and turned around as quickly as possible :)

Here are some reminders and some

  • All lights and lamps on
  • Curtains/blinds open
  • Toilet seats down
  • Tooth brushes (personal hygiene items) and bars of soap hidden away
  • All cars moved out of driveway if possible
  • Any items they don't want photographed completely removed and hidden away before I get there

Thank you :)