Boudoir Preparation Guide


Are you ready to see yourself in a new way?

To experience something empowering?

To celebrate your beauty?

We want all women to embrace their individual beauty with confidence.

We believe that beautiful is not defined by a size, shape, or age.

Every woman deserves to love herself for exactly who she is without holding back. We want to show every woman how gorgeous she is so that she can see it and believe it for herself.


We firmly believe that a boudoir experience is first a gift for yourself, not just your significant other. 

Here at the studio we have worked with tons of women at various stages of their lives. From getting married, to celebrate a weight loss success, to celebrating little bundles of joy, women just wanting to simply feel beautiful, to proposals, and even adding some spice back to the marriage/relationship.

Sessions are held at Crystal Whitehead Photography studio at 159 St David Street in Lindsay, Ontario, at a location of your choice (home, hotel, airbnb) or at an outdoor location.

Sessions take place during the week early morning (studio)to take advantage of the best natural light or evening for outdoor boudoir sessions.

This experience will leave you feeling on top of the world and show how beautiful you truly are. We will work together to create beautiful images that feature you at your best. Our mission is to make every women who walk through these doors feel empowered and confident. It's a fabulous day to just get away and enjoy yourself.

It is so perfectly normal to be nervous. 95% of women who have came through these doors are nervous. It only takes a few moments to warm up. I say stupid things, we laugh, sometimes we get serious, we have fun, but most of all you are coached the entire way.

If your package includes hair and makeup you will be met with the hair and makeup team. Please arrive with a makeup free face and clean dry hair. These ladies create the magic to get you feeling gorgeous and camera ready. Be sure to mention to the makeup artist what colours your outfits are so that she can help determine what options you may have. Also feel free to save some images that you can show both the hair and makeup artists if you have something particular in mind. Lashes are available upon request for $10 payable to the makeup artist.


In addition to the light and posing techniques that I use to flatter every figure and illuminate every skin type, there are actually things that you can do, too, to prepare for your session. From my experience these are the things that will help you have the best session possible.

Approximately one week before you're session, start drinking lots of water. I know that sometimes this is easier said than done, but well hydrated skin will make a world of a difference in your skin's appearance. It is more radiant and luminescent, and will actually make you appear more youthful (and don't we all want that?!). Likewise, its a great idea to moisturize your body (especially the elbows and knees) with a good body lotion or body butter after you shower and before bed. Don't forget about your lips, too! Exfoliating them with lip pumice every few days and applying lip moisturizer a few times per day will leave your pucker picture perfect!

One week before your session is also the perfect time to visit your esthetician and get your eyebrows groomed. Also a good time to visit your hair salon to get any highlights or touch ups etc so your hair looks nice and fresh for your shoot.

The day before your boudoir session is an important one. In additional to staying well hydrated and moisturized, you will want to give yourself a manicure and pedicure. Please keep in mind your outfit choices when deciding on colour. You may also want to save or wax the afternoon or evening before your session.

Lastly a good nights sleep. Being well rested will have a positive effect on your appearance as well as your disposition! And more importantly, be prepared and enjoy the experience!!


If I could shoot outdoors all year round I would. No better place then in the beautiful outdoors. If you are planning an outdoor session things to consider are bringing extra items such as bug spray, applying sunblock, a bag to throw wet items in and a few towels. We do all the water shots at the end so hair and makeup stays in tact for at least a little while.


If you are on Pinterest you can follow me HERE. Be sure to check out my "What to Wear Boudoir" board to help you get started with some ideas. When choosing outfits choose your main selections but feel free to bring a couple extra items to work with just incase we have extra time. A loose sweater or a white tee is an easy item to quickly throw on over an outfit to get a little extra variety in your images.

You can choose to wear a hot little number, choose to stay simple in a bra and panty set, or choose to wear nothing but a smile and a pair of sexy panties. Bodysuits, crop tops and summer outfits are great for outdoor sessions.

Need more ideas? Try a matching bra and panties, a mismatched bra and panties, corsets & garter belts, stockings (the ones with the fabric bands are recommended) silk slips, bodysuits, rompers, robe, jeans, leather jacket, loose t-shirt, tank top or a loose sweater. Whatever makes you feel confident and gorgeous. You are welcome to incorporate heels or opt for bare feet in your photos.

I hope that gets your wheels spinning in regards to your wardrobe.

When you arrive we will lay out your outfits, put on some music, and get you in the hair and makeup chairs (if included in your package).

Following your transformation we choose an outfit and get shooting!


Please take a moment to fill out your questionnaire. It helps me get to know you, what your comfort level is and a feel for what you get the most out of your session. Please use the notes section to add any additional information about yourself or any ideas you may have.

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